Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Linux Ransomware Encrypts 3000 Websites

In recent weeks there have been the ransomware which it has provided encrypted hit 3,000 websites on Linux web servers. This places the Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web, which relies on weather data from Google. It is called ransomware Linux.encoder.

Attackers behind ransomware deliberately set WordPress websites and online stores using Magento. Through a still unknown vulnerability know the attackers to gain access to the Web server that hosts the website and then perform Linux.encoder.This ransomware, which additional duties require encrypts all kinds of files, and then asks one bitcoin, what with the current exchange rate is 349 euros. It is unknown how many webmasters have finally paid the ransom.

F-Secure reported in early November, about 36 people had paid, which at that time corresponded to an amount of 12,000 euros. Due to an error encrypted files can be decrypted without paying. The Romanian anti-virus company BitDefender has developed a free decryption tool for victims. From examination of the virus fighter shows that an early version of ransomware already was distributed on August 25 of this year and then seven people paid the ransom.