Monday, 20 October 2014

Virustotal - Upgraded File Size 64MB to 128MB

How To Scan A File of More Than 64 MB FileSize With Multiple Scanners?

Here is a Good News, VirusTotal that provides cloud scan services has expanded to 128MB from 64MB the maximum amount of files that can be scanned. VirusTotal By uploading a file that you specify on the browser, is a cloud scan services that can check the safety of the file by the antivirus engine of more than 50 kinds.

Virustotal Scanners

Until now was a 64MB file capacity that can be scanned, but we make sure that you are able to upload until today 128MB. Because there was a limit of 64MB, if you want to scan a file of more than 64MB, you can scan up to 100MB Dr.Web Online Scanners , you can scan up to 80MB Metascan Online had to be used as alternative means. However, only one type of Dr.Web, anti-virus engine can be scanned by anti-virus engine of 40 or more types of Metascan Online is Dr.Web online scanners, but there was that it pales somewhat when compared with VirusTotal. Scan engine corresponding Among these cloud scan services in many cases, the VirusTotal capacity was also as many as 128MB, utility value should go up more and more in the future. Initially up to 20MB, capacity can be scanned in a stepwise fashion 64MB, and 128MB and up to 32MB followed is up to VirusTotal. You may come to support up to large files more than 1GB in the future.

Here is a List of Online Scanners:

1. Virustotal
2. Metascan
3. NoDistribute
4. Jotti's Malware Scan

Soon I Will Update This List.
Happy Hunting & Be Safe From The Malware.

Monday, 13 October 2014

SEANux OS - A Linux Distribution OS Coming Soon By SEA (Syrian Electronic Army)

Hacktivists of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) on Twitter own Linux distribution called SEANux announced. One reason for the launch of its own distribution is not given, but the hacktivists announced that the source code will be, so users can check the operating system. Possible backdoors opensource When SEANux exactly will appear is still unknown, but according to the announcement it will "soon" be.

Previously advised the SEA already to use for security reasons. No American or Russian web services The hacktivists came last year in the news regularly because they managed to hijack. Twitter accounts and web services of all major media organizations

Thus, among other Skype , Microsoft , CNN , recommendation service Outbrain , hosting provider Melbourne IT , chat service Viber , the British newspaper The Guardian , media company Thomson Reuters , satirical website The Onion , business magazine Forbes , Wall Street Journal , advertisements on and Israeli army successfully attacked.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Botnet of 500,000 computers - Qakbot Malware

The Attack Chain

Researchers have identified a botnet of 500,000 computers discovered that 52% of machinery exists that run on Windows XP. A comparatively very high percentage, since it no longer supported by Microsoft operating system worldwide share of between 14% and 24%.

The computers have been infected with qbot via known vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player, Java, Adobe Reader and Internet Explorer, also known as Qakbot. On infected computers qbot steals all kinds of data for Internet banking. Researchers from Proofpoint found that the login data of 800,000 accounts online banking were intercepted. In 59% of these cases involved one of the five largest American banks.

Further figures ( PDF ) show that the malware on the American Internet has provided, since 75% of the infected computers over an American IP address available. especially In addition to steal login details infected machines are also offered for other cybercriminals. Paid as proxy These criminals can the infected computers as a springboard for other attacks use or for storage or transportation of stolen data.

Following are the steps How It works:

1. Infecting Legitimate Websites

Infecting Legitimate Websites

2. Filtering Targets- Traffic Distribution Systems.

Filtering Targets- Traffic Distribution Systems

3. Getting Into The User's Machines -Exploits

Getting Into The User's Machines -Exploits

4. Stealing User Banking Credentials - Malware

Stealing User Banking Credentials - Malware