Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Forum Software vBulletin Close After Hacking Vulnerability

The makers of the popular forum software vBulletin released a security update for a vulnerability in the software and reset the passwords of almost 345 000 users forum yesterday after an attacker managed to hack the website.

According to the developers has a "sophisticated attack" occurred on the network. In addition, the attacker may have access to customer IDs and received encrypted passwords. As a precaution, it is now decided by all users on the official support forum of vBulletin to reset the passwords. According to the company's statistics, the forum has nearly 345 000 users.

Further details of the attack are not shared. Ten minutes after the news about the attack and password reset vBulletin installed a new communication line, this time on a vulnerability in the software. The Communication put the developers that they have been notified of a vulnerability in vBulletin 5 Connect 5:14 version to 5.1.9 and therefore a security update has been rolled out. Administrators are advised to install the update. Whether the update fixes the leak which has attacked the vBulletin forum software developer does not know.

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