Sunday, 30 November 2014

US Parking Malware

The payment of various car parks in the United States are infected by malware, where possible, data from credit and debit cards from an unknown number of customers have been stolen. Before warns SP Plus an American company that parking services offered to owners of real estate, such as shopping malls and offices.

SP Plus received a message from the provider that manages the payment systems in the parking garages. An attacker could access the remote access tool received from the supplier and so could log on to the payment. There installed the malware attacker could intercept the data of payment cards which was settled in the car parks. It would be the cardholder's details (cardholder's name, card number, expiration date and verification code).

In all, 17 parks have been affected. Whether there actually map data can be stolen SP Plus does not say, but the company decided to issue a warning. Meanwhile, the malware would be disabled on all affected systems. In addition, the company's supplier obliged henceforth to use two-factor authentication when logging on to the payment.

17 SP+ Affected Parking Location's

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

DroidJack RAT Android App Malware

Software developers who first made ​​apps for Android now versatile malware developed for the platform that it include possible to eavesdrop on conversations, intercept WhatsApp messages, looking into the camera or the microphone to listen to the environment. It is a remote administration tool (RAT) called DroidJack.

DroidJack website homepage

In a report issued late last year on Facebook developers claimed that they were novice entrepreneurs. They published at the same time on Google Play app that allows to control a remote computer. Symantec had the legitimate app developers with little success and they then directed their attention to the development of Android malware. DroidJack is now openly available over the internet. The malware will cost $ 210, which buyers also get lifetime support.

In order to carry out the RAT are no root rights are required. Once activated, it is possible to steal files, read WhatsApp messages, calls and eavesdrop on the microphone, see the address book, to operate the camera and the last GPS location to retrieve the device and Google Maps to display. The malware is equipped with a disclaimer, but they come before a judge not get away with, says analyst Peter Coogan.

Some of the Features of DroidJack:
  • No root access required 
  • Bind the DroidJack server APK with any other game or app 
  • Install any APK and update server 
  • Copy files from device to computer 
  • View all messages on the device 
  • Listen to call conversations made on the device 
  • List all the contacts on the device 
  • Listen live or record audio from the device's microphone 
  • Gain control of the camera on the device 
  • Get IMEI number, Wi-Fi MAC address, and cellphone carrier details 
  • Get the device’s last GPS location check in and show it in Google Maps

There are many more features which the App offers.


Disclaimer used in DroidJack marketing

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

USB Charger E-Cigarette Spreading Malwares.

Companies must not only pay attention to e-mail attachments and web traffic, even USB chargers can be used for electronic cigarettes to infect computers with malware. That leaves a self-proclaimed IT guy on the popular social news site Reddit know. The IT person tells how a not got closer to said large company with malware. It was the director of the computer where the infection was found.

The system was fully up to date and had up-to-date anti-virus. Seeking a declaration asked the IT department or the director for the past two weeks, maybe something had changed in his life. The man appeared to have switched to e-cigarettes. Further investigation revealed that contained the used USB charger for charging the e-cigarette malware. Once the charger was plugged touched the infected computer malware and made the connection to a remote server.

Boot-Sector Virus

While no further details are shared, let Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro anti-virus company opposite the Guardian know that it is a plausible scenario. "Malware in product lines has existed for years," he notes. There are several examples of MP3 players and digital photo frames that are already in the plant malware infection incur and it then passed on to the consumers who used the equipment. Thus warned consumer electronics giant Samsung still in 2008 that included the installation CD for a digital photo frame malware.

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