Monday, 13 October 2014

SEANux OS - A Linux Distribution OS Coming Soon By SEA (Syrian Electronic Army)

Hacktivists of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) on Twitter own Linux distribution called SEANux announced. One reason for the launch of its own distribution is not given, but the hacktivists announced that the source code will be, so users can check the operating system. Possible backdoors opensource When SEANux exactly will appear is still unknown, but according to the announcement it will "soon" be.

Previously advised the SEA already to use for security reasons. No American or Russian web services The hacktivists came last year in the news regularly because they managed to hijack. Twitter accounts and web services of all major media organizations

Thus, among other Skype , Microsoft , CNN , recommendation service Outbrain , hosting provider Melbourne IT , chat service Viber , the British newspaper The Guardian , media company Thomson Reuters , satirical website The Onion , business magazine Forbes , Wall Street Journal , advertisements on and Israeli army successfully attacked.

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