Sunday, 10 December 2017

Explanation How To Remove The Microphone From Your iPhone And MacBook

Those who do not want to risk using a hacked iPhone or MacBook as a listening device can choose to remove the built-in microphone. Calls can then only be made by connecting a headset with a microphone, for example.

"There is no reason why these devices need those sensors to function," says Kyle Wiens from repair company iFixit opposite Wired . "And taking them apart to remove the microphone is not more difficult than repairing them." Users can switch off the microphone or even insert a cut-off jack in the microphone socket if it is already present, but according to experts this does not offer sufficient protection.

According to Richard George, a former technical director of the NSA who was involved in the design of the secure BlackBerry of President Obama, the trick with the microphone jack is not enough. A malicious application could bypass the fake microphone and still enable the real microphone. Anyone who wants to be sure of his case can also remove the microphone or have it done.

In the case of a MacBook, this appears to be fairly simple. So iFixit even has a manual for it. The microphone can also easily be connected again. The same operation with the iPhone is a lot more difficult and permanent. The iPhone also has four built-in microphones. Once again, iFixit offers extensive instructions for doing this yourself. A repair company that Wired spoke costs 75 dollars and says twice for privacy-oriented customers.

Last year whistleblower Edward Snowden advised that people who do not want to be spied or tapped would be wise to remove the microphone and camera from their smartphone. Recently, however , the Public Prosecutor announced that legitimate users have no reason to "demolish" the microphone from their device. The verdict was made in connection with the investigation into Ennetcom, a company that supplied custom BlackBerry smartphones to communicate encrypted. The microphone was removed from these phones.

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