Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Mozilla: Many Popular Websites With Symantec Certificates

There are still many popular websites with Symantec certificates that will soon no longer be trusted by Firefox and will cause an error message, as Mozilla has warned. It is about 1 percent of the Top 1 million most popular websites on the internet, which amounts to about 10,000 sites.

These websites use a tls certificate issued by Symantec to encrypt traffic to and from their visitors. Due to various incidents with tls certificates issued by Symantec, browser developers have decided to cancel the trust in Symantec certificates. This will take place in phases, with all Symantec certificates issued before 1 July 2016 no longer being trusted.

Google will implement this measure next month with the launch of Chrome 66. Mozilla will follow Firefox 9 on May 9. With the launch of Firefox 63 in October this year, trust in all Symantec certificates will be canceled regardless of issue date. Users who receive a certificate warning when visiting a website can ignore them and still reach the website, Mozilla explains, but security experts advise internet users never to ignore such warnings and not to visit the website in question.

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