Sunday, 30 November 2014

US Parking Malware

The payment of various car parks in the United States are infected by malware, where possible, data from credit and debit cards from an unknown number of customers have been stolen. Before warns SP Plus an American company that parking services offered to owners of real estate, such as shopping malls and offices.

SP Plus received a message from the provider that manages the payment systems in the parking garages. An attacker could access the remote access tool received from the supplier and so could log on to the payment. There installed the malware attacker could intercept the data of payment cards which was settled in the car parks. It would be the cardholder's details (cardholder's name, card number, expiration date and verification code).

In all, 17 parks have been affected. Whether there actually map data can be stolen SP Plus does not say, but the company decided to issue a warning. Meanwhile, the malware would be disabled on all affected systems. In addition, the company's supplier obliged henceforth to use two-factor authentication when logging on to the payment.

17 SP+ Affected Parking Location's

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