Tuesday, 25 November 2014

USB Charger E-Cigarette Spreading Malwares.

Companies must not only pay attention to e-mail attachments and web traffic, even USB chargers can be used for electronic cigarettes to infect computers with malware. That leaves a self-proclaimed IT guy on the popular social news site Reddit know. The IT person tells how a not got closer to said large company with malware. It was the director of the computer where the infection was found.

The system was fully up to date and had up-to-date anti-virus. Seeking a declaration asked the IT department or the director for the past two weeks, maybe something had changed in his life. The man appeared to have switched to e-cigarettes. Further investigation revealed that contained the used USB charger for charging the e-cigarette malware. Once the charger was plugged touched the infected computer malware and made the connection to a remote server.

Boot-Sector Virus

While no further details are shared, let Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro anti-virus company opposite the Guardian know that it is a plausible scenario. "Malware in product lines has existed for years," he notes. There are several examples of MP3 players and digital photo frames that are already in the plant malware infection incur and it then passed on to the consumers who used the equipment. Thus warned consumer electronics giant Samsung still in 2008 that included the installation CD for a digital photo frame malware.

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More Details by Srlabs : PDF & Video 

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