Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Privacy-Based Librem 5 Phone Collected $ 1.5 Million

The privacy and security-based Librem 5 smartphone has collected over $ 1.5 million through a crowdfunding campaign . With this, Purism developer has achieved the goal of the campaign and the phone can be produced. The Librem 5 runs free and open source software on PureOS.

This is a Debian Linux-based operating system. The phone can also run other GNU distributions, such as Ubuntu, Fedora and Suse. Developers want to create a completely open development environment, rather than the closed platforms of other phone providers. Furthermore, developers say that the phone is being developed with security in mind and will use the "privacy by default" principle. Thus, the Librem will offer 5 decentralized end-to-end encrypted communications via the Matrix network and are the first 'ip native' smartphone in the world.

"We think that phones should not follow you or make an abuse of your digital life. We are in the middle of a digital rights revolution where you can pay the future", so let developers know the Librem 5 website. The phone can also communicate with other devices, such as monitors, mouse and keyboard and other platforms. The five-inch smartphone features 3GB of memory, 32GB of storage that can be expanded via a micro SD card and provides hardware, camera, microphone, baseband, wifi, and Bluetooth kill switches. The phone can be ordered through the crowd funding campaign for $ 599. The device should be delivered in January 2019.

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