Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Well-known British Clinic For Plastic Surgery Hacked

Attackers hacked a well-known British clinic for plastic surgery, taking off all sorts of sensitive patient data including photos. Opposite The Daily Beast, the attackers, known as The Dark Overlord, claim that they stole terabytes of data.

Information about members of the royal family would also be available in the stolen databases. The attackers shared information and operation photos with a journalist from The Daily Beast . The attackers' emails were sent from a hacked clinic's e-mail account. The attackers are threatening to make the stolen images public.

On its own website , London Bridge confirms Plastic Surgery and states that it has taken measures to stop the attack. It is now investigating what data the attackers have taken precisely. How the attack could take place do not let the clinic know, but on Twitter it speaks of a " refined cyber attack ". Earlier, a Hollywood studio was also squeezed by the group after Orange's episodes have not yet appeared, the New Black had been stolen.

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