Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Attackers Behind Petya-Ransomware Emptying Bitcoin Wallet

The attackers behind Petya-ransomware have 9,000 euros paid by victims transferred to another bitcoin wallet. That leaves Aleks Gostev on Twitter know, chief security expert at anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab. The ransomware which last Tuesday infected several organizations showed users see a screen where they were instructed to make about $ 300 to the specified bitcoin wallet.

Unlike many other ransomware became for all victims the same bitcoin wallet used. Last night decided the attackers 9,000 victims who had paid to worry about another wallet. In addition, there appeared on Pastebin message that bitcoin 100 (225 000 euro) were asked for the decryption key to decrypt all infected systems by Petya.

However, it is unclear whether the persons who placed the Pastebin message also behind the Petya-ransomware. According to researcher Matt Suiche attackers try to confuse the public by the story Petya actually a wiper which data could again turn into a story about ransomware, let him opposite Vice Magazine know.

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