Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Developer Medoc Confirms Backdoor In Update

Ukrainian software company tax and accounting Medoc develops confirmed that attackers malicious code added to an update allowing the Petya-ransomware is installed. Initially the company denied even attackers had used the company's software to install Petya-ransomware. On Facebook , the company has been now confirms that the victim of a hack.

Previously, researchers at antivirus company ESET discovered attackers had added a backdoor on an update for Medoc which was released on June 22. The software company announced that it has developed an update that should fix the problem. The servers of the software have been seized by the police, so the update that addresses the issues and to prevent new attacks still can not be rolled. Ukrainian Police advise on Facebook to use non Medoc temporary and computers it is installed to disconnect from the network.

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