Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Test: Ten Tested Virus Scanners For MacOS

German test lab AV-Test has a new test virus put online, this time for anti-virus software for MacOS looked. The amount of new malware for MacOS is not commensurate with those for Windows. However, last year there was an increase in visible , of 819 new units in 2015 to 3033 in 2016.

Most infections MacOS is still doing for social engineering, in which users are tricked into installing malware, although some cases are known where attackers managed to add malware to legitimate programs. That there is little malware for MacOS in circulation is evident from the number of copies that malware-AV-Test used for the test. The lab works on Windows with tens of thousands of malware specimens. 184 specimens were used for the test with Mac malware.

Four products (Bitdefender, Intego, Symantec and Kaspersky Lab) were able to detect all malware instances. MacKeeper ends with a score of 85.9 percent down. Besides the detection was also the tax system looked when copying files. Then put Canimaan Software and MacKeeper down the best performance, followed by Kaspersky Lab and Symantec with one second difference. Intego slows the most systems. Finally, we looked at the false positives. In this case considers a virus if infected legitimate, clean files. During this test item was no virus in error.

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