Thursday, 13 March 2014

NSA wants to infect millions of computers with malware

According to The Intercept leaked documents obtained from Edward Snowden at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has plans to spread malicious software to control millions of computers.

"Sometimes NSA disguised as Facebook server, using it to infect the target computer, stealing files from the hard drive, while at other times, NSA will send spam containing malware, malicious software through a computer microphone recording, but also take a snapshot camera with a computer ", The Intercept's Ryan Gallagher and Glenn Greenwald explained road.

Documents show that the NSA program was confined to infect a network of hundreds of targets, but soon expanded to a larger scale in order to hunt down the suspects.

The Intercept, said: "NSA began 10 years ago, the ability to rapidly increase its invasion of confidential internal records show that in 2004, NSA will manage one of only 100 units to 150 units implanted malware computer network.."

"But in the next six years to eight years, called specific invasion TAO (Tailored Access Operations) elite troops recruited new hackers, and the development of new malware tools, implanted a surge in the number of computer malware to tens of thousands of units. "

And Edward Snowden most leaked files, we do not know how the impact of this project, and whether they have been stopped. It just let us know, NSA on monitoring the Internet has done anything.

Intelligence agencies have long believed that the encryption technology is a threat to national security. Since the beginning of the 1990s , they actively lobbied backdoor access to people from developing computer tools. And recently, they seek to undermine international security standards , in order to hunt down the suspects. However, security experts worry that weaker standards make the Internet becomes more fragile when subjected to attacks by malicious users.

"As long as the backbone infrastructure to open the back door, software and security engineer for me it was horrible," the University of Pennsylvania professor Matt Blaze in an interview with The Intercept interview, said: "Do not think you want to achieve the goal of our NSA. how do you know it will work properly know how it would be confined to the target NSA want to investigate it "

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