Monday, 24 March 2014

White Hat Security company launches "secure browser" on Internet

An American security company claims to have the "most secure browser" launched on the Internet that users must protect. Against both malware and parties who want to violate the privacy Aviator, such as the browser is called, was published last year, the Mac version and now there is also a Windows version.

Aviator has been developed by white hat security and based on Chromium, the open-source browser that is used. Google Chrome The reason it was chosen Chromium is that it has several unique security features, such as a sandbox. White Hat found that Chromium is not safe enough and made ​​an adapted version with more security and privacy settings.

"Google and Microsoft make a lot of money on online ads. Unfortunately, very intrusive online advertising, because you basically follow anywhere on the Internet. Even Mozilla receives most of the revenue through advertisements. Implementing truly effective security and privacy could adversely for their business operations, " said the security company

For example, the default search engine DuckDuckGo instead of Google and integrates the browser Disconnect. An extension that ads and tracking on the Internet blocking. In addition, the browsing history, cache, cookies, auto-complete, and local storage after restarting the browser removed. Standard third party cookies are blocked, plug-ins require an additional mouse to work state Do-Not-Track is enabled by default and minimum data is sent to Google.

Although there is little advertising for the Mac version was made, was downloaded thousands of times in recent months. The browser is free to download, but still is underway on a revenue model, allows product management director Robert Hansen know . He gives the guarantee that no money will be earned on the information provided by users, as do many other browsers.
Current users of the browser, however, would be no need to worry, because the browser can always use for free. "Once we have determined how we can make money on new users will only have to pay for a license." In the future, other operating systems are supported. Alongside Mac and Windows

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