Sunday, 16 March 2014

Phishing Attack on Google users hosted by Google

In a recent phishing attack on users of Google Docs and Google Drive cybercriminals have the phishing page where victims had to introduce hosted on the servers of Google. Their credentials Something the phishing attack is both refined and remarkable, says Symantec.

Google Docs phishing login page

The anti-virus company discovered the attack, which starts with an email subject "Documents" has. The email prompts the recipient to view an important document. The link does not point to Google Docs, but after a fake Google login page. The neppagina however hosted on Google's servers and then ran over an SSL-secured connection, which makes the attack seem more convincing.
In this case, the scammers a folder in a Google Drive account is created, placed it in a file and then put the public folder. The preview feature of Google Drive they got this way a publicly accessible URL that was added. To the phishing emails When users their information on the phishing page fill go directly to the criminals behind the attack, while the victim to the real Google Docs page is redirected and possibly nothing by it.

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