Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Windows Spyware WinSpy and GimmeRAT monitors Android devices

If you are using Android Phone and syncing with the Windows Operating System for backup and transferring files, Then Be Careful.
Mechanism of attack on financial institution employing WinSpy

Researchers have found by analysis of an attack on a U.S. financial institution Windows spyware that is also able to monitor. Android devices The institution was attacked by a spear phishing email, which had a large NSIS file as an attachment.
Once the file was opened, the recipient was a picture of a payslip to see while installed in the background. WinSpy This is commercially available Windows-spyware which makes it possible to monitor, according to the authors. Computers but also Android devices In a second attack on the institution was again used WinSpy, only the malware was now hiding in an Excel document with a macro.
Once the malware on your computer is active, the attacker can control the webcam, capture screenshots, saving keystrokes, disable security software, downloading and surfing habits chat conversations via the microphone shoot, upload and download files and send messages to the computer.


During the analysis of the malware security company FireEye also discovered various Android components that can be used to monitor the victim. It involves three different applications, one of which only works when the device is connected to the Windows computer while the other two make it possible to control. Android device via SMS
Deployment Scenarios for Android Components

To install the Android spyware must be connected, then the installation takes place. On the infected computer Windows phone Through the Android spyware screenshots can be stolen and it is possible to find out. The location of the target
"These attacks and tools to confirm that we live in an age of digital surveillance and theft of intellectual property. Commercial Remote Administration Tools (RATs) continue to proliferate and are increasingly being used by attackers," said analyst Thoufique HaqHe notes that the rise of mobile platforms like Android, a new market has emerged which also asked about RATs that support these platforms.

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