Thursday, 11 February 2016

American Bill Should Prohibit Encryption Backdoors

The US House of Representatives will today present a bill that prohibits US tech companies to add encryption backdoors to their products. In recent months warned some American politicians and investigative agencies, including the FBI, the use of encryption by criminals, which would hamper the investigation and prosecution.

The "ENCRYPT-law" of the Democratic delegate Ted Lieu and Republican Rep Black farenthold prohibits states companies may require to add an encryption backdoor to their products so that encrypted communications can be decrypted later.Recently had the US states of New York and California attempted to require encryption backdoors in smartphones.

According to Lieu technologically is unfeasible to handle individual states various encryption standards for consumer products."Apple is no different smartphones for California and New York and make the rest of the country," so let Lieu opposite Reuters know. Last year Lieu spoke even against the wishes of the FBI to weaken encryption.

"Democracy will always need to find a balance between security and freedom. We realize that it is a challenge for investigators to find that balance, we do not agree with the FBI's proposal to oblige companies to the safety of their products and weakening services by adding a "backdoor" which investigators encryption technology to circumvent, " says the deputy.

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