Thursday, 11 February 2016

Microsoft Will Now Provides More Information About Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft will now provide more information about updates for Windows 10. The reason is the customer feedback, so let a spokesman opposite Follower Windows Paul Thurrott know. "To make it easy to create organizations and users to view information on new releases, we have two new pages created will be updated alls changes occur," says Microsoft's Michael Niehaus on a Microsoft blog.

The first page contains the " release notes ". It is in this case to details on every new Windows 10 update, singling out both security- and non-security-related fixes. In addition, a " release information page " with information about current releases as well as a list of all updates that have appeared. Microsoft had to endure a lot of criticism since it first little information about Windows 10 updates, so users do not know what the update did exactly.

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