Thursday, 11 February 2016

British Tax Office Warns Of Return Over The Shared PC

UK Tax HMRC warns taxpayers to tax not do through shared computers such as in an Internet café. These criminals would save login details and then used to apply for fraudulent tax refunds.

HMRC would now have more than 17,000 fraudulent transactions intercepted by criminals 96 million pounds (124 million euros) were trying to reclaim. It is unclear how big the threat of the use of shared computers is exactly. Opposite the Mail Online allows a spokesperson for the British Tax namely also know that the HMRC is one of the most 'phished' brands in the world.

It often happens that criminals send phishing emails that attempt to lure them recipient to a fake version of the HMRC website to steal so then login details and other information. Because phishing attacks, there is a special page put online explaining how to recognize legitimate emails from the tax authorities.

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