Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Gmail Notifies Users Of Unencrypted Messages

Google Gmail users will now warn if they receive unencrypted messages, as the Internet giant has on Safer Internet Day 2016 announced . Google itself uses TLS encryption for encrypting messages. Gmail users can send encrypted messages to each other in this way. TLS is not yet used by all email providers.

This allows messages that Gmail users received via this e-mail providers, or send to this, be read. Gmail will therefore present a warning showing that the email provider of the addressee no encryption support, or if a message is received that is not encrypted via TLS. There will also be a warning if the sender's domain could not be authenticated. Gmail recently did not know that more and more support major email providers tls and domain authentication.

From investigation of Google, the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois show that from December 2013 to October 2015 the number of encrypted emails rose Gmail non-Gmail users received from 33% to 61%. In the same period, the number of emails were encrypted using TLS and Gmail to non-Gmail users was sent from 60% to 80%. Further uses 94% of the incoming email for Gmail, a form of authentication to protect against phishing and spoofing.

John Rae-Grant Google argues that not all e-mails which warned is dangerous. "But we advise you to be extra careful when answering or opening links in messages that you have doubts about. And by this update, you have the resources to make that decision."

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