Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Google Encrypts All Traffic To blogs On Blogspot

Google has decided to encrypt all traffic to the blogs on its own Blogspot blogging service. In September last year the Internet giant began offering the option for bloggers to activate it yourself. This option has now been removed and traffic to all blogs are now encrypted.

There is also a new option available for bloggers called "HTTPS Redirect", making it possible to enable all visitors to the HTTP version of the blog visit automatically redirected to the https version. In case the option is disabled, it is possible to visit the blog via both http and https. Google warns however for mixed content that may not work properly the https version of the blogs.

It is in this case content such as images, gadgets, ads or templates that are invoked via http. In the case of an https site may cause a mixed content warning. Google argues that it can solve many of these problems, but some must be resolved by the bloggers themselves. To help bloggers and administrators with this, there is now a special tool launched to find mixed content into blogs and posts.

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