Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Virus Crashes Medical Equipment During Heart Procedure

A medical system that monitors patients crashed during cardiac procedures because the virus carried a specified virus. Reported that the US regulator FDA. It concerns the Merge Hemo, a programmable diagnostic computer of Merge Healthcare.

The system consists of a data module and the patient Hemo-monitor computer. The two units are connected via a serial interface connected with each other. During a heart procedure, the Hemo-monitor computer lost contact with the client and Hemo was the image black. While the patient was anaesthetized, this caused a delay of five minutes because the system had to be restarted. Research showed that the virus was to perform a scheduled virus scan.

According to the FDA this may compromise the patient at risk. In the case of the incident was the heart procedure, after the system was restarted, been successfully completed. The manufacturer states in response that the hospital has not followed the instructions regarding the installation of anti-virus software. These guidelines establish how the virus must be set so that there are no consequences for treatments. As patient data and medical images must be scanned. There, according Merge Healthcare therefore no problem lie with the medical system.

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