Thursday, 5 May 2016

Humble Bundle Offers Collection Of Books On Hacking

Humble Bundle , a platform that offers all kinds of games and books at low prices, now offers a bundle of different hacking books too. It is about 13 DRM-free books from No Starch Press with a value of $ 366. The asking price of Humble Bundle is partly determined by users.

For the first four books may include users decide what they want to pay. For the next five books must be paid at least $ 14.75. The last four books going away for at least 15 dollars. Users may also pay more. A portion of the proceeds going to charity. Also, users can choose how their money is split between the publisher and the charity.

The books are by different authors and deal with practical malware analysis, programming in Python, Designing BSD Rootkits, bitcoin, working with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, hacking the Xbox and use the Linux command line. Meanwhile, there are 45,000 book bundles sold. The campaign will run until 11 May.


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