Thursday, 5 May 2016

Opera Launches Browser With Built AdBlocker

The creators of Opera today a new version launched from the browser on a built AdBlocker features. According to the developers, ad blocking an important measure to make websites load faster and reduce memory consumption.

Some popular websites would no ads 90% load faster. Browser developers, however, have done nothing to this issue, says Krystian Kolondra Opera. The browser developer wanted for his own words change this by providing a built-in Opera AdBlocker. Thereby find blocking ads at the level of the web-site engine, allowing pages to load much faster and less memory is used than in AdBlocker extensions is the case.

According to their own figures would surf with Opera's AdBlocker 62% faster than without AdBlocker. The browser uses less memory when a AdBlocker enabled. Opera users must AdBlocker in Opera 37 does switch itself. Something that can be controlled by site. Opera has been compared to Chrome or Internet Explorer a little browser. The share of Opera culminated in April, however, a revival and polite with 1.9% the highest level in more than a year. Recently let Opera know that a VPN is added to the browser.

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