Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ad Network Distributes Hundreds Of Infected Ads

A Scottish ad network that gets 10 billion impressions per month in his own words has been used in recent weeks to distribute hundreds of infected ads. Through the ads, which appeared under other porn sites and torrent sites, ransomware was disseminated.

This enables anti-malware company Malwarebytes . The company in the past two weeks had more than 400 unique infected ads of the Scottish advertising network AdsTerra, also known as Terra Clicks stemmed. Malwarebytes decided to warn AdsTerra but has not received a response yet. The ads direct visitors unnoticed by the Magnitude exploitkit. This exploitkit uses known vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer to infect computers with Cerber-ransomware.

Users who are not redirected to the Magnitude exploitkit, for example because they use certain security software or a virtual machine, will see a pop-up that there is a problem with their computer and they need to call a helpdesk. These are the familiar phone scam in which fraudsters try to gain access to the computer and victims to resolve not charge existing problems.

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