Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Android Device With Fingerprint Reader Often Locked

Android devices that have a fingerprint reader are more locked than devices that do not offer this option. This was reported in the published today Google Android Security annual report ( pdf ). The use of screen lock helps according to Google both privacy and security.

However, research shows that many users set a screen lock because they find it difficult. With the launch of Android 5.0, users can, however, choose the "Smart Lock" option, in which a device remains unlocked until it is held by the user. This can be determined on the basis of various items such as Bluetooth, on-body detection 'and a trusted location. This reduces the number of times a user must manually unlock his device.

Since Android 6.0 fingerprint readers are supported, however, and this has a positive effect on the use of screen lock. Users can now unlock your phone using just their fingerprint. From Google figures show that the use of screen lock is more common on devices with a fingerprint reader. Is set at 55.8% of the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 devices screen lock. With Nexus and Nexus 5X- 6P devices, which have a fingerprint reader, this is 91.5%. With other Android devices that have screen lock is being used on a fingerprint reader.

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