Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Adobe: Flash Player Security Thwart Hackers

Adobe security measures in recent months have added to Flash Player ensures that hackers could not carry out successful attacks on the media player during a recent hacking contest, as the software company announced.

During the annual Pwn2Own contest hackers are rewarded for demonstrating unknown vulnerabilities in different browsers and Adobe Flash Player. During the last edition of March Flash Player was finally twice successfully hacked , but that number could be higher, says Peleus Uhley of Adobe. In preparation for the hack contest Adobe rolled several updates to enhance the security of Flash Player.

These measures paid off as several attempts to hack Flash Player failed thus said Uhley. Still, Flash Player has been successfully hacked twice. "These victories show that there is always more vendors can do to improve security," he continues. Uhley notes that companies such as Adobe, Microsoft and Google are engaged in a race with hackers.

Adobe invests in his own words than a lot of security and regularly adds features to thwart it. hackers as only goal. "Such measures are increasingly being added. The companies themselves will change on the frontline of this battle and to grow the more expensive." According Uhley help hacking contests like Pwn2Own software companies to develop. "While Pwn2Own each year seems to take the same required innovations and challenges to books every year results," said Uhley.

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