Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Microsoft Warns Of E-mails With Attachments JavaScript

Microsoft has issued a warning to spam messages that contain a JavaScript file attached and try to infect your computer with malware, including Locky-ransomware. The JavaScript attachments are back wrapped in a rar or zip file, says Alden Pornasdoro Microsoft.

In addition to use JavaScript files cyber criminals also Office documents with malicious macros to spread ransomware. According to Microsoft can be rapidly infected a computer via a JavaScript file. "It is interesting to note that an Office attachment with malicious macros usually two or more clicks required to open the document. One click for the document, and another click to activate the macro. On the other hand, the JavaScript annex just one or two clicks to run, "Pornasdoro notes.

He adds that it is very unusual for people to send JavaScript files attached. Who receives such a file must therefore not open. Pornasdoro also advises organizations to enable AppLocker so dubious software can not be performed. In addition, administrators are advised to disable macros in Office programs.

Finland's F-Secure has advice given how the Windows Script Host can be disabled so that JavaScript files are no longer open.

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