Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Google Helps Owners Hacked Websites With Maid

If Google webmasters and owners of a hacked website helps to existing vulnerabilities and malicious code quickly resolved, according to research. According to Google , more than 10 million Internet users every week with malicious Web sites in touch.

It often involves hacked websites which install owner or webmaster failed security updates or to choose a strong password.This makes it easy for cyber criminals to take over a website and use for example distributing malware. Google warns Internet users of such web sites, but many webmasters do not follow the Internet giant by that something is wrong.

And even if they are informed of the security incident, they miss to overcome the knowledge to solve the problem. Google therefore decided to look together with the University of California at Berkeley how webmasters can be best informed and the problem as soon as possible can be resolved. From the research shows that if Google cooperates directly with the webmaster, 75% of webmasters manages to secure their website. A process that takes an average of three days.

To help webmasters soon be considered by investigators three important steps. The first and most difficult step is to inform the webmaster. In the case webmasters their website via Webmaster Tools have registered a Google mail ensures that 75% of webmasters secures the website. In the case of the webmaster is unknown the e-mail address, have browser warnings and alerts in the search engine a success rate of 54% and 43%.

The second step in the process is to give hints about the harmful content. Attackers often hide their files, which complicates the cleaning process. In the event Google tips on the infection to the webmaster e-mailed this made sure that the cleaning sheet was 62% faster than warnings without tips. The third step is to make sure that continues to clean the site. Google investigated and cleaned hacked websites and found that 12% had been hacked again within 30 days. That shows, according to the Internet giant how important it is to find the cause of a hack rather than to remedy the effects.

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