Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fake poll as a lure for Facebook Phishing Scam

The Facebook application asks users to register their votes

Cyber criminals have again found a new way to Facebook to trick users into entering their login details. They run a fake online poll for the purpose of luring. Potential victims to a phishing site.

A pop-up window requesting for user account information

Symantec reports that the scammers run an online poll with the question: "Who better boys or girls" Once the visitor has cast his vote will be prompted to log in to the Facebook account and asked whether the visitor is male or female. After logging the victim sees the message that his voice has been sent. Scammers host the site on a subdomain ([http://] Smart Apps. [deleted]. com) to indicate that it is an application and the to appear. matter professionally in this context is the number of voters also raised periodically.

A comparison of the previous vote count and the current vote count

While it does seem that way at first glance Facebook has nothing to do with the campaign. When visitors log in reality they give their login information to the cyber criminals.

The scammers probably realize only too well that many Facebook users, this kind of thing every day without too much thought do. It is not inconceivable that they have already succeeded in many account data store.

To a victim of a Facebook scam to be, it is important that you never put your password on domain other than enter. The real login page of Facebook is secured with an SSL certificate which can be used by the padlock in the address bar of the browser and the HTTPS recognized connection.

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