Tuesday, 29 April 2014

University advises password more than 20 characters

The Stanford University has implemented new password policy, which the students and employees advise to choose a password. Minimum of 20 characters Long passwords are safer because, according to the university to guess or crack them attackers need more time.
Easily guessed passwords would still be a problem for the university. While Stanford still accepts passwords of eight characters, users need this to various requirements, such as a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols.Passwords from 12 to 16 characters lowercase, uppercase and numbers are mandatory.
From 16 to 20 uppercase and lowercase characters are sufficient. As of 20 characters, there are no restrictions. Passwords longer than 20 characters describes the university in an infographic as the "gold standard" and would offer the most protection. To remember a password of 20 characters, the concept of passphrases advised, where users leave the password of several words exist.
"It is always wise to disguise by some strange, nonsensical or random elements to add simplicity," it says in the password policy explained. "Pizza with crispy Spaniels!" and "mangled Persimmon Therapy?" are two examples of passphrases that the university gives and consisting of more than 20 characters.

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