Monday, 14 April 2014

Top 5 of imaginary viruses that would make the world more fun

Why bugs should always be evil? What if they would like you to reconcile with your ex fun and useful things, or that awful Tumblr account before you delete?
Stuart Heritage describes in The Guardian five imaginary viruses that would make the world. enjoyable. He calls virus creators to show another side of himself, and actively improve to helping people instead of harassing. Positive viruses the world

1. Facebook privacy virus

The privacy settings on Facebook are all an eyesore. Every few months, Facebook decision or something which leads to a sudden anyone 5 years old photo, where you say the least not too flattering on state, can be seen. Then you have to login again and again confirm what you want to share and what not. What if a virus would be that would ensure that all of your pictures remain private forever? Would not that be nice?

2. Spotify playlist virus

No one will just have to play Spotify playlists at a party. Sane Indeed, there is a high probability that a track is played where you actually die ashamed of you and so you end up with your tail between your legs to leave the party. But think of a virus scan on playlists of songs you could possibly embarrass and removes them for you before anyone else can hear? That way you'll never laughed!

3. Tumblr itself destroyer

The world is full of teenagers who cram their Tumblr account with hand-drawn Justin Bieber fan art or other bad things. There will come a day when these teens will apply. Their potential employer will google their name and find the Tumblr account, with all its consequences. Rising unemployment is the result. Why does no one a virus that all traces of your Tumblr account automatically deleted on the day of your 18th birthday? That would be the best for everyone!

4. Reconcile virus

Gmail still read all all emails. Why is there no peaceful virus maker who does something here? What if somehow the phrase "How could you cheat on me" pops up. Reconcile the virus would see this and immediately, of course with a stolen credit card, buy a huge bouquet and have it delivered. Indignant at the partner Bingo! Everyone is happy again because everyone loves flowers, regardless of the sender.

5. Reminder Flickr

Just a virus that sends emails to you to remind that the Flickr account that you created in 2004 still exists ...

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