Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Russian Internet giant offers email service without a password

The Russian Internet giant Mail.Ru has a new e-mail service launched where users have no password. such as the e-mail service is called, is in fact only accessible via an app on the smartphone.Once users register they will receive a unique SMS code.
This registration code is used once, after which users never have to enter a password. The phone is namely as authentication."And you always have with you", so let the developers know. Our own research would show that often their email on their smartphone then check users on their desktop.
Furthermore, all sent and received e-mails should be encrypted, but specific details are not given. In addition, users of the free e-mail service to get 150 gigabytes of data storage, ten times as much as in the case of Gmail. is only available for iOS and Android users. The developers say that they keep an eye on Windows Phone, but due to limited resources and expertise will now focus on iOS and Android.

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