Saturday, 12 April 2014

Google Android security improves with continuous scanning app

A new feature of Google now scan already installed apps. Because although Google apps checks before they come into the Google Play store it sometimes happens that still change their permissions after installing apps, or other things that they should not be changed after installation.
The "Bouncer" security scan is not infallible. There are plenty of third party apps that know the scan in one way or another to evade. In addition, there is still plenty of Android users that before the "Verify apps" or "Bouncer" security feature was installed on their smartphone apps are introduced.


Google makes the process of scanning, verifying and warn easier by the introduction of a new expansion of its "Verify apps" service. The Android overlord will now continuously and fully automatically, go check to make sure that "all apps to behave safely, even after installation."
"In the past year, the year Verify Apps was launched, the service uses more than 4 billion times to check at the time of installation. The new feature, which uses the powerful Android scanning system developed by apps Android security and SafeBrowsing teams, will further extend the protection, "said Rich Cannings Android security engineer on his blog.
Cannings further says that less than 0.18 percent of app installations in the past year went ahead after receiving a warning from the user malware apps Verify service.
The new feature is officially launched today as a free Google Play update for those with Android 2.3 or higher. The announcement comes shortly after the discovery of the Shield Virus scam.

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