Saturday, 12 April 2014

NSA for 2 years at the height of Heart Bleed

According to the U.S. News Agency Bloomberg NSA was familiar with the Heart Bleed bug for 2 years and she has the vulnerability in OpenSSL frequently used to gather information. Bloomberg cites sources that are "aware of the situation" are.
The decision of the NSA to keep the secret bug in the framework of national security interests, the debate about the role of computer experts from the U.S. government, revived considerably. Again
Heart Bleed seems one of the biggest leak in the history of the Internet to have. As many as two-thirds of the world's websites is touched. The discovery and the advisory that five days ago was published by researchers has led to massive consumers have changed their passwords, the Canadian government has postponed the electronic tax return and that large technology companies such as Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks patches for their systems released. There are also a lot of new SSL certificates issued.
The Heart Bleed bug quietly adding to the arsenal, the NSA has been able to obtain. Passwords and other important information The price for this was high. Millions of ordinary users are left to their own and all that time was vulnerable to attack by secret services and cyber criminals.
Jason Healey, director of the "cyber statecraft initiative at the Atlantic Council" and a former Air Force officer explains: "The security community will not chip them really leave after this revelation."
The NSA has just been denied before the vulnerability became public last week. Bleed Heart of informed on twitter

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