Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tinder plagued by spam bots

A number of users of dating app Tinder reports that they are matched a fake profile of an attractive woman.In reality the automated bots that users want to download. Mobile game "Castle Clash"
The bots display a link to the game via the URL "", making it seem like Tinder is the owner of the URL, or is involved in any case in one way or another to the action. This is not the case.
A Reddit user realized what was happening and posted a screenshot. This post now has a handful of responses from others who say they have experienced the same. Also on Twitter More and more reports from people who claim they are matched with a fake profile.
The bot first sends innocent messages like "hey" and "how are you?" then they tell the unsuspecting user that they have such a fun game on their phone, "Castle Clash, have you heard of?" The bot then informs the URL, no matter what was the response of the user.
It is still unclear who exactly is behind the fake accounts, even though the app developer course obvious. The company offers dozens of games on the App Store and Google Play. However, it is also possible that the developer himself the victim of an aggressive promotional network as previously happened with the on-demand ride service Uber .
Tinder shows himself to be aware of the problem and said the necessary steps to remove the spam.

Symantec Detailed Report

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