Friday, 19 December 2014

Attackers Sony used password system

The attackers knew the network from Sony to break used the stolen password of an administrator, so claim US researchers on the basis of evidence found via the password the attackers had access to the entire Sony network.

The discovery is one of the reasons why the researchers think that the attack on Sony's done with the help of an employee, so let officers across CNN know. The US authorities have now declared the attack a matter of national security. According to CNN, Washington will be today North Korea blame designate behind the attack.

Security expert Jeffrey Carr argues that the US should provide evidence first before it can be assumed that North Korea is actually behind the attack. He himself has serious doubts about this. "My advice to journalists, managers, policy makers and the public to doubt everything you hear on the granting of cyber attacks. There is no concrete evidence and possible indicators that can not be verified."

Even Kim Zetter of Wired published an article why the evidence against North Korea is thin. The film would also "The Interview" have been no reason for the attack. The film was the first announcement is not mentioned by the attackers. The fact that the malware on a computer with a Korean language is compiled does not say anything. Setter outlines two scenarios then who is behind the attack. Possibly it is a group of people who, like Anonymous operate, or there were several groups with different motives that had access to the Sony network.

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