Saturday, 6 December 2014

Preinstalled Malware on Cheap Android Devices - Death Ring

Researchers have found in several Android phones malware advance was already installed. It comes to phones that are sold mainly in Africa and Asia, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Taiwan and China. The phones are standard Trojan horse called "Death Ring" that occurs as a ringtone app.

In reality, the app SMS and wapcontent of the Command & Control server to download to the phone, says security firm Lookout . The malware is activated in two ways, depending on how the user uses his phone. The malware is activated when the phone is restarted five times. In addition, start the malicious service if the victim fifty times are unlocked device.

Lookout has described various scenarios malware can do on a phone, but has no concrete examples. However, the company warns that the malware can not be removed by a virus app, as it is in the system directory. Which is added in the supply chain the malware is unknown. Consumers also are advised to pay attention to where the equipment they buy comes from.

The infections were detected forged Counterfeit Samsung GS4/Note II Various TECNO devices Gionee Gpad G1 Gionee GN708W Gionee GN800 Polytron Rocket S2350 Hi-Tech Amaze Tab Karbonn TA-FONE A34/A37 Jiayu G4S – Galaxy S4 Clone Haier H7 No manufacturer specified i9502+ Samsung Clone

It is not the first time that pre-installed malware on Android devices found .

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