Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Vacancies - "FBI Looking For IT Experts Who Want To Become Cyber Cop"

The FBI has launched a campaign to recruit more technical skills, such as computer scientists, IT specialists and engineers. According to the investigation department is investigating hacked websites, cyber intrusions, data theft, botnets, and DoS attacks a top priority and there are more cyber cops needed to keep pace with developments.

Bank robberies are an example of how the landscape has changed, so the FBI says. Traditional agents would protect the crime scene, interview witnesses and collects evidence such as fingerprints and video recordings. However, if money is stolen online is needed a different approach, such as requesting firewall logs and forensic copies of hard disks.

Important requirements to become a cyber cop enduring screening and fitness test and should agents are at least 23 and up to 37 years. Furthermore, it is searching for experience in computers and technology, with backgrounds in programming and security, database management, malware analysis, digital forensics and ethical hacking preferred. In announcing let the FBI know that especially the type and extent of investigations, teamwork and camaraderie are things that no one else can offer. Cyber ​​Agents can the FBI a salary of between 59,000 and earn $ 76,000 per year, according to the vacancy.

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