Monday, 22 December 2014

"IP addresses are insufficient evidence against North Korea"

The evidence that the United States against North Korea when it comes to the hack of Sony is weak, says a security expert who analyzed the IP addresses used in the attack. Last week, the FBI said in an official statement that the Asian country was responsible for the intrusion on the network of Sony Pictures Entertainment, the theft of all data and sabotage of thousands of computers.

However, the FBI is careful in the words chosen, says security expert and blogger " krypt3ia ". He sees in the choice of words that the investigative unsure. Initially the attack was linked not to North Korea by the FBI, and is now said that the country is the culprit. "Something that makes people like me crazy," he notes. The expert therefore decided to look at the IP addresses used by the malware and introduced himself, the question of whether the resources are to be used or used only by North Korea.

IP Addresses

The IP addresses that the attackers used are from Thailand, Poland, Italy, Bolivia, Singapore, Cyprus and the United States.These include for which proxies and servers can be used by anyone. For one of the servers Krypt3ia found the credentials on a Chinese forum. The IP addresses appeared more frequently used for other cybercrime activities such as sending spam and controlling compromised computers.

"If all IP addresses are used by the US as evidence that North Korea has carried out this attack, I think the evidence is weak," said the expert. Most of these systems are in fact well-known compromised machines that are used for all kinds of cyber crime purposes. Also, many of these types of compromised servers are shared by attackers with each other.

North Korea has used such tactics in the past, according to the expert circumstantial evidence that is inadmissible in court.However, Obama announced that the US will take appropriate action against North Korea. The expert then also questions whether the US base their theoretical response on circumstantial evidence, which he makes reference to the so-called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Further, according to the expert whether there because of a break-in at a single entertainment company in Hollywood should be acted upon at the state level. "When I go to Twitter and the news I see is marketing hype and unjustified award ... and it will lead to our mutual destruction," concluded the blogger.

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