Friday, 26 December 2014

Google disables 39,000 WordPress sites for malware

Google has already put more than 39,000 Wordpress websites on a blacklist because they are infected with malware. Attackers use a leak in the WordPress Slider Revolution Premium plug-in attempts to infect to get access to the sites and then add malicious code that visitors with malware. The leak in the plug-in has long been known, and a patch is available. Many sites that have not been installed.

According to security firm Sucuri involves three different campaigns where the SoakSoak campaign is responsible for most infections. According to Google, the malware of this website to over 17,000 detected domains. Through the wpcache blogger campaign are spacious 12,000 sites have come to the blacklist of the search giant. Finally, there is an IP address that the attackers and code to 8500 was found websites.

Once Internet users to visit these Web sites via eg Google Chrome or Firefox they'll see a warning. Sucuri Commission on the basis of own research that more than 50,000 websites have been infected, but they have not all been indexed by Google.

Affected websites are advised to do a "complete cleaning" of the website, since installing WordPress alone is not enough again. The attackers would in fact leave too many backdoors. Additionally WordPress administrators are urged to update their plugins. With over 74 million websites WordPress is the most popular online content management system.

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