Monday, 29 December 2014

Thousands of fake servers Tor network removed

The administrators of the Tor network have removed thousands of fake servers that had been added by the group Lizard Squad. The group claimed earlier this week to sit behind attacks on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network and would now plans have been to attack the Tor network.

In a short time appeared some 3,000 new servers in the Tor network. Thereby Lizard Squad had a considerable share in the network, which came out with the new servers at 10.000 "relays". In theory this is a risk for Tor users, for a party that has a large part of the network owned'd users can unmask. In this case, Tor users were however no danger. The capacity of the new servers was 20 kilobytes per second per server too small.

Tor Network List
The total capacity of the Lizard Squad servers accounted for only 0.27% of the entire Tor network. The servers would become the first three days are not selected as a server for Tor users, let security researcher Nadim Kobeissi opposite The Verge know. Meanwhile, the fake servers are removed, according to the list of Tor servers. On Twitter Kobeissi states that were hosted many of these servers in the Google Cloud. He also suspects that it was thousands of small virtual machines with limited bandwidth.

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