Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Symantec creates jeans and blazers that block RFID signals

IT security officer, Symantec has partnered with an American clothing company developed a blazer and jeans that block RFID signals. This should discourage fraud and hacking of RFID cards and passports.These passes are increasingly equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID).

2015 would support more than 70% of the RFID credit cards and therefore at risk of being attacked by this way. Clothing Concern Beta Fire therefore decided to collaborate with Symantec and develop the first jeans and blazer that block RFID signals. The " READY Active Jeans "and" Work-It Blazer "have two pockets with a special fabric that RFID stops and so protects cards and documents. The jeans ($ 151) and blower (198 dollars) are for sale from February.

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