Monday, 8 December 2014

"More openness required --> Antivirus companies on government spyware"

Regin Malware

Anti-virus companies have to be more open about the government spyware that they find, says security expert Bruce Schneier . Schneier reigns on the discovery of the highly advanced Regin malware , which would be by the US and British intelligence developed .

Anti-virus companies have known for some time of the malware, but made ​​the existence of Regin until the end of November to the public. It was the first that Symantec came out with a publication because it knew that another party would reveal the malware. This party was news The Intercept. After the report, Symantec also followed F-Secure and Kaspersky Lab with their own findings. All three follow the anti-virus companies said Regin years, where she copies of years ago found.

"Why were all these companies Regin long secret and why they showed us all this time vulnerable?" Schneider asked. Self thinks the expert that the anti-virus companies no incomplete picture wanted to express. Unlike malware cybercriminals is the effect of government spyware much more complex. In addition, Regin was only used against specific targets, which makes it difficult to obtain copies.

"If you're big in the press comes with a newly discovered malware copy you want to have the whole story. Apparently no one thought they had it with Regin," said Schneier. The expert, however, find this no excuse. "Now government malware more often will come we will often not have the whole story." As long as nations will fight each other over the internet, according to the expert, some individuals or organizations are the target and the residual risk to be hit inadvertently by this type of malware.

Even more

Schneier believes that anti-virus companies are at the moment even more incomplete stories on all government malware. "But they should not do. We want and need that our anti-virus companies us all about these threats tell as soon as they can, and not wait for the appearance of a political story so they can no longer remain silent."

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