Saturday, 27 December 2014

Security company claims that Sony hackers are Russian

The hackers who knew at Sony Pictures Entertainment to break his Russian and not Korean, says the American security firm Taia Global. Linguists of the company performed several analyzes of twenty messages that were left by the attackers.

Rather let the FBI still know that North Korea was behind the attack. According Taia Global is the technical evidence supplied by the FBI, however vague and unconvincing. The company therefore decided to look at the written evidence that the attackers left behind. Through Native Language Identification (NLI) and "L1 interference" was to see whether the attackers Korean, Chinese, are Russian or German.

Analysts looked for phrases not normally used in English. Then the sentences were translated into the selected language. Of the twenty sentences were found fifteen directly from Russian are translated, nine were found to be Korean, and none was from German or Chinese origin. In a second test looked at the misuse of English grammar and sentence structures or the wrong or were valid in any of the tested languages. Three of the five were correct in Russian, while one corresponded to Korean, said one of the analysts across from the New York Times .

"Our preliminary results show that the attackers Sony probably were Russian, possible but not probable Korean and certainly not Chinese or German," as the company wrote in a blog posting . Many experts doubt whether North Korea really behind the Sony hack is, as alleged by the United States. Another American security company this week suggested that even an ex-employee of Sony was probably involved in the attacks.

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