Friday, 12 December 2014

Microsoft - Beware of Payment Report Malware

Microsoft has warned Windows users to a malicious spam attack that attempts to infect recipients with malware. In the mail, with the subject "Payment Report - importan", it is stated that the recipient of the email received an amount of $ 35,000.

More details would be in the included zip find attached. The zip appendix contains a .scr file with a PDF icon. Because Windows default file extension does not display, users would have thought that it is a PDF document. Depending on the set display of folders, Windows will still show that it is a screensaver.

If the attachment is opened the computer becomes the Upatre downloader infected. This downloader can then again download other malicious software. According to Microsoft, the malware would be seen especially in consumer and business computers in North America.

MD5: 5a0e6a8f6d3afd811a109df2e1ee727b

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