Wednesday, 3 December 2014

ESET & Facebook Works Together To Fight Against Malware

To protect users from malware, Facebook has signed a cooperation agreement with ESET's online virus scanner and will of the Slovak anti-virus company now offer to users. The online virus scanner is to start directly from Facebook.

"We have cooperated with ESET to add their security software directly to our detection and prevention systems, just as we did earlier this year with the other providers," says Facebook engineer Chetan Gowda. Facebook previously signed a similar agreement with the Finnish F-Secure and Japanese Trend Micro online virus scanners which were already integrated into Facebook.

If the computer of a Facebook user behaves erratically and shows signs of a malware infection, a message appears that an online virus scan is offered. Then, the user can perform the scan, the results and remove malware without the need to first log out of Facebook.

According Gowda help the three anti-virus companies in this way in blocking malicious links and malicious websites in the news feeds and messages from the 1.35 billion Facebook users. Users often miss the most basic security to prevent infection and remove, observes the engineer on.

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