Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Google - Captcha Fighter Against Robots

Google has a new captcha developed to distinguish people on websites of robots, whereby it is no longer necessary to solve a puzzle first. CAPTCHAs are used inter alia for the automatic creation of accounts and post spam on websites counter.

To often distinguishable robots people must puzzles and distorted texts are resolved. Google uses recaptcha example, where there are words from books must be retyped. Our own research shows that the search giant artificial intelligence with an accuracy of 99.8% can solve the puzzles. According to Google would therefore be much easier to apply directly to users whether they are human or robot. This allows users to quickly register or use of a service, which also eliminates the annoyance of solving the captcha.


A new API (Application Programming Interface) makes this captcha experience now possible. On websites that use the API receives a large number of users the ability to attach a single click that they are not a robot. Although this sounds simple, the underlying technology is complex, according to the search giant. Last year was a special backend developed that performs a risk if users want to solve a captcha.

On the basis of the way in which the user handles were examined with the captcha or the user was a human. The new API is a development of this, which is looked at many factors which indicate that it is a human being. Where does the risk of insufficient evidence to make this decision will appear captcha again. In addition, the API also makes it possible to test other types of captcha's. The new API would now be used on various websites, including Snapchat, WordPress and Humble Bundle.

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